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Celestial Massacre


About Us
Vincent Price
Layne Staley and Kurt Cobain

This is the lyrics paage. We have a few now but will add more as we go along.

Down In A Hole
Down in a hole with no way but down,
Nothing to do, and noone around,
Trying so hard to get myself out,
Down in a hole and I'm still digging
Down in a hole There is noone but me,
I think now I'll lay down to sleep,
Forever peace of mind I'll keep,
I lay in my hole six feet deep
Down in a hole I lay by myself,
Your porcelain face lays on my shelf,
I'm laying in my pit of hell,
A hole I dug with a bit of your help.
Crimson Stains
My frail fingers let life slip right through,
My crimson tears cried a river for you,
You were my lovely obsession,
Now you're the center of all my aggression!
If you won't be mine noone can have you,
Tears of crimson into rivers of blue,
And so into me you shall be diluted,
My small bit of sanity has been polluted!
Do you see sanity in my eyes
Do you think I can hear your cries
Don't plead with me, don't even try
Don't fuck with me or bitch you will die!
You are just another face in my collection,
No longer the object of my affection
How can you dare look in my eyes
And say you don't love me, I won't here your lies
My eyes thats right, there not there
Holes filled with crimson stains, don't be scared
You said you liked them, so I tore 'em out of my head
and sent them to you with love from a friend!
Suicide Is Silent
I never meant to hurt you or anyone else
So when you read this I'll be gone
Don't fill your eyes with tears for me
I'm just a forsaken son
You needn't waste your tears on me
Your precious tears won't bring me back
the next time you'll see me
I'll have a rope around my neck
Remember I love you and think of me from time to time
Always smile to my image I'm only gone for now
We'll meet in eternity my only friend we'll be together again
Remember to keep your chin up, never looking down.
I miss you and you will never know how much I care
Its hard to go through with this I wish it was a joke
its hard to think that you will wake up and I won't be there
But as long as I am in your  heart than I won't . . .
Be gone
(repeat chorus 2x, then guitar solo)
You and I will go on in the hearts of ones we love
and we will be the ones to go on descending from above
and now I'm standing with the rope around my neck and I
just wanted to say to you one last good. . .
(repeat chorus 2x)